No more mess, no more disruption, no more hassle dealing with architects, engineers, contractors or lenders for months on end. Yardhaus has developed a simple end-to-end process that changes everything associated with constructing your guest house, in-law suite, man cave, pool house in under 30 days!

Even make money on your Yardhaus by renting it on Airbnb.


Step 1:

Our designs are pre-approved by the City, which means you only have to wait 7 days for a Permit to start construction.

Please note that pre-approved plans are currently only available in the City of Phoenix, AZ. We are currently adding new cities. Without pre-approved plans normal wait time is 8-10 weeks.


Step 2:

Financing made simple. We have some great options for financing. Yardhaus has partnered with UNISON and CHASE

UNISON have created a new way to access equity in your home, so you can finance your yardhaus with, No Monthly payments No interest payments and No added debt. 


Step 3:

All of the components that make a Yardhaus are designed to exacting standards for precision assembly

 Everything required to construct the Yardhaus will arrive on day one for assembly by ROC certified Yardhaus installers. Assembly time 10 days (excl foundations and utility conncetions.




27 Days

Here is how it works:

1. Contact us and fill out a simple form by submitting your address.
2. Choose one of our City pre-approved* designs.
3. We create a site plan including service connections and submit to the City.
4. Seven days later the construction permit arrives*. 
5. Ten days later the foundations and services are completed.
6. Ten days later you are enjoying your new Yardhaus. 

*Timeline is based on pre-approved plans (currently City of Phoenix only) and typical ground conditions and access to services no more than 30' from proposed Yardhaus location. If plans need to be submitted for approval to another City then it will add 8-10 weeks for permits.

Yardhaus is 24' by 16' in size (with integral deck) and is designed to fit any of the uses below. 


Need a place to work and be focused?
Yardhaus has created a comfortable air-conditioned and quiet environment that
allows you to be focused, escaping the
noise and activity of the home.


Always wanted a tranquil place to teach or practice yoga? With Yardhaus you can have it all, right in your backyard. Your zen moment is waiting. 


Fed up of working out in the house?
Yardhaus is designed to give you all the
room you need for that home gym you
have always wanted. No more having to
travel to the gym wasting precious time.


Imagine having that extra space where you can relax with family and friends. Play a game of pool or relax and enjoy the game on TV with a cold beer.


Looking for extra space for your guests, or have aging parents, Yardhaus gives you a place for them to unwind and relax in comfort. Add a bathroom and Kitchenette to complete the space. 


Wanting a place to paint, sculpt or make pottery. Art Haus is the choice for you. Big enough for all your materials and with our 12' window, the light is perfect.

YH_Ext_Sketch02.1 copy.png

We like to keep things simple that is why we have partnered with Unison, who have created a different way to access the equity in your home, with no monthly payments, no interest payments and no added debt. 



Finance your Yardhaus with Chase Bank 

Yardhaus has also partnered with Chase bank. If you would like to talk about financing your Yardhaus with a Home Equity line of credit or second mortgage click on the learn more button below 

Interest rates are subject to credit terms.