With the recent hurricane in Houston and surrounding areas - Yardhaus is the perfect solution to bring relief to housing needs for thousands of displaced people. 

Yardhaus is designed as a kit so it can easily be transported quickly and effectively to affected areas for rapid assembly. The kit comes with everything you need and it can be installed in just 7 days. Our foundation design allows the Yardhaus to be set a few feet from the ground which assists with flooded areas for now and the future. 

This is not a temporary solution but one that can be used to house you and your family while repairs are made to your main home. During this process you can relax knowing that you have beautiful structure to live in. Once your home is repaired the Yardhaus can be used for a guest house, office and more. 

Yardhaus will donate 5% of all sales to recent hurricane affected areas to the red cross to help those in need. 


We have a number of layouts to choose from and remember Yardhaus is deisgned to be modular so units can be connceted to make larger spaces. 


This design allows the user to have a full bathroom - walk-in closet and kitchenette. The design can be used for any purpose from a Guest suite to office and more. 


Yardhaus connected. Private Bedroom, with full bath, closet. Kitchen, dining and living space. 

Yardhaus has been designed so you can connect the models to make a larger space.

This design allows the user to have a large private bedroom with full bath and closet. Kitchen, dining area and living space that can also be used for a second bedroom. The wrap around deck creates a perfect entrance to the space.  This design functions really well for guests, live-in parents, your college student and much more. The space can also work well for a home gym, home office, all with separate bedroom accommodation.  

YH_Double_Floorplan_Master01.1 copy.png