Founded by award-winning designer Charles Sidi.

"YARDHAUS changes everything associated with construction."

" After the creation and success of my patented mobile retail store BizBox I decided it was time to bring to market a product like YARDHAUS. I wanted to change the whole approach to construction and the outdated broken system associated with it. The building industry has not changed in 100's of years, until now. With our sophisticated system we can provide an instant assessment of your home and property, analyzing all the pertinent data in relation to adding a guest house or home office or home gym or whatever you choose.
Charles Sidi
 The Patented BizBox 

The Patented BizBox 



Born in the UK and emigrated to the USA in 2006 with his wife and two boys under the program of “Alien of Extraordinary ability” from the US Government - resident status only given to the ‘few’ for those that have exceeded above all, in their field of distinction. Charles is now a proud US Citizen. 

Driven by the pursuit of excellence and a desire to grow businesses from his extraordinary ideas he has made his visions a reality. He has employed and inspired some of the best designers, architects and skilled craftsmen in the USA and Europe to create products that span from residential and commercial developments well in excess of $100m to designing and manufacturing plastic injection molded products for Kellogg’s to creating his mobile ‘real estate’ BizBox for some of the largest brands such as Google , Honda, Starbucks, Apple Pay, Verizon and many more.

Along this journey that started at the young age of 18, Charles has been recognized internationally for his work, achieving prestigious awards and patents from the US Patent and Trademark office, the UK Government, The National House Building Council, The National Housing for Excellence, The National House Builders Association (USA), American Society of Interior Designers, World Architecture Award and the Royal Institute of British Architects. 

With an unrivaled passion and ingenuity to create innovative and practical cost effective products whether in building design or Industrial product design has led Charles to build and create successful businesses, raising equity, employing and managing staff. Maintaining a small business mentality of focus and execution with a detailed understanding of how large corporations operate and how to navigate and develop strategies to win business and maintain long standing relationships.

Charles clearly understands that product development is about problem solving and keeping your team on time and budget while at the same being a great ‘listener.’ 



US Patent-Expanding Mobility Structures 2013

Patent# 8,550,528 B2 


World Architecture Award 2011

October 2011 BizBox

Award for BizBox design


Best In American Living Award 2010
National House Builders Association

May 2010 scottsdale Arizona Custom Home Builders LLC

Silver Award for Best One of a Kind Spec Home-Private Residence 


American Society of Interior Designers 2009

Scottsdale Arizona Custom Home Builders LLC

Design Excellence Award

Private Residence- Desert Mountain Scottsdale


British Homes Awards 2007
National House Building Council June 2007 Planetree Properties Limited

Best Contemporary Residential Development in the UK


Commercial Architecture Award 2007

Private Residence


Roses Design Award 2006

Private Residence


Concept for Living Design Award 2006
Concept For Living

May 2006 Planetree Properties Limited

Gold Award for Design and Construction 


Concept For Living Design Award 2005
Concept For Living

May 2005 Planetree Properties Limited

Best Urban Development 


Housing Design Award 1997
British Government March 1997 Planetree Properties Limited

Best Housing Design Award from the UK Government, National House Building Council and the Royal Institute of British Architects