No more mess, no more disruption, no more hassle dealing with architects, engineers, contractors or lenders for months on end. Yardhaus has developed a simple end-to-end process that changes everything associated with construction.

Prices Start at $69,950



Step 1:

Simply provide us with your address. Our automated systems create a FREE Personalized Assessment of your home.

Zoning requirements, set-backs and financial information are obtained using mapping & data software to best locate your Yardhaus and how it will add value to your home.


Step 2:

Our designs are pre-approved by the City, which means you only have to wait 7 days for a Permit to start construction.

Please note that pre-approved plans are currently only available in the City of Phoenix, AZ. We are currently adding new cities. Without pre-approved plans normal wait time is 8-10 weeks.


Step 3:

Financing made simple. We have some great options for financing. Yardhaus has partnered with UNISON and CHASE BANK

UNISON have created a new way to access equity in your home, so you can finance your yardhaus with, No Monthly payments No interest payments and No added debt. 


Step 4:

All of the components that make a Yardhaus are designed to exacting standards for precision assembly

 Everything required to construct the Yardhaus will arrive on day one for assembly by ROC certified Yardhaus installers. Assembly time 10 days (excl foundations and utility conncetions.