No more mess, no more disruption, no more hassle dealing with architects, engineers, contractors or lenders for months on end. Yardhaus has developed a simple process that changes everything associated with construction.


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Watch the videos below to learn all about the patent pending Yardhaus and see how it can be constructed in just three weeks!

One Size fits all. 

Yardhaus is 24' by 16' in size (with integral deck as show above) and is designed to fit any of the uses below. 

office haus

Need a place to work and be focused?Yardhaus has created a comfortable air-conditioned and quiet environment that allows you to be focused, escaping the noise and activity of the home.


Always wanted a tranquil place to teach or practice yoga? With Yardhaus you can have it all, right in your backyard. 

gym haus 

Fed up of working out in the house? Yardhaus is designed to give you all the room you need for that home gym you have always wanted. No more having to travel to the gym wasting precious time.


Imagine having that extra space where you can relax with family and friends. Play a game of pool or relax and enjoy the game on TV. 


guest haus

Want extra space for your guests, or have aging parents? Yardhaus gives you a place for them to unwind and relax in comfort. Add a bathroom and Kitchenette to complete the space.


Wanting a place to paint, sculpt or make pottery. Art Haus is the choice for you. Big enough for all your materials and with our 12' window, light will never be an issue. 


At Yardhaus we have made your decision easy. After 30 years in the construction industry we understand what it is like to embark upon a new building project, big or small. 


We know it is overwhelming and time consuming to first try and find an architect to draw up your ideas and then hope and pray you find the right contractor to implement those plans. Never far from your mind are rising costs and workmen on your property for months on end causing endless disruption and mess.

That is why we developed the patent pending Yardhaus.

When you buy a Yardhaus life is so much easier.

Built in 3 weeks from installation of foundations*

No need to wait for an architect to draw up plans

No need to find a contractor. Yardhaus manages recommended certified installers.

City permitting reduced from 3 months to 1 week*

Choose your finishes to match your home

Fixed Price*

A quieter and 3 times more thermally efficient building.

High quality materials

No more mess and disruption in your yard for months.

Easy Financing with our preferred lender Chase Bank. 



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* Price and time of install may vary dependent on site conditions and specifications chosen.

* City permitting reduced time currently available only in Phoenix AZ. This will be expanded to other cities.