Concrete Pad Foundation 

Concrete Pad Foundation 

10" SIP Floor panels laid on Concrete Pads

10" SIP Floor panels laid on Concrete Pads

6" SIP Wall panels and Structure

6" SIP Wall panels and Structure

10" SIP roof panel 

10" SIP roof panel 

Roof Cap Sheet 

Roof Cap Sheet 

A design to stand the test of time.

With our simple patent pending design you can start using your Yardhaus in 3 weeks from installation of foundations. (site conditions may vary time)

Using sophisticated design and high quality materials allows our recommended contractor(s) to construct the Yardhaus quickly and efficiently. 



Concrete is poured into small excavated holes, creating 6 concrete pads onto which the YARDHAUS is placed. This minimizes the usual disruption of your yard. (subject to ground conditions)


The Yardhaus is constructed by our recommended contractors from high quality SIP (structurally insulated panels) which provide a three times higher R Value (thermal quality) to the structure than traditional 'stick-frame' construction. The floors, wall and roof are constructed using the SIP panels. This also allows the Yardhaus to be constructed in a matter days not weeks.


The 6" and 10" SIP wall, floor and roof panels already contain the rigid foam insulation providing a high value of R27 to R-38 - which is three times more than traditional 2"x6"stick-frame construction. 


The 10" SIP Roof panels provide the structure to the roof while a pre-designed tapered insulation is laid on top to create the required fall for drainage which is then covered with a roof cap sheet material (12 year warranty) for weatherproofing.

Windows and Doors: 

Pella Glazed windows and doors are constructed to take LOW E double glazing for further insulation. 

BATHROOMS, Kitchens:

Bathrooms and Kitchenettes can be installed as an option and can be hooked up to the sewer and water in one easy step.

Heating and cooling:

Each YARDHAUS is supplied with an in-wall 1/2 ton Pioneer 17- Seer HVAC unit for heating and cooling. (this does not include for bathroom option)

external Finishes:

The Yardhaus is designed to come with Hardie Plank siding or Stucco to be painted to match to your home.


Solar panels can be added as an option to allow for even greater efficiency.


Yardhaus does not directly install the building but we recommend certified installers of our product. All contractors that we manage have a current and in good standing ROC License, bonded and insured and adhere to all health and safety requirements. 


Like any construction our recommended contractor provides a 2 year warranty on workmanship and installation after completion.

As a distributor of the SIP Panels Yardhaus LLC will pass through the manufacturers 20 year warranty of the SIP panels.